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True Readings - Accurate Tarot Clairvoyant Advisor

Listed: Sat, Jul 22 2017      Expires: Sun, Jul 22 2018      Listed By: True Readings


Greetings my name is TrueReadings, Real Life tarot advisor. I am welcoming you to partake in as many of reading sessions as you desire. I can help guide your life in the right paths and help you see things about people & situations you would not normally know about on the surface of their behavior and your life. which might confuse you at times when in need of real clarity.

With me as you seek further truth about things that are in your life or what newness shall come forth upon your life. I am also a very intuitive advisory, I have had many life experiences, trials, tribulations and even situations I thought to myself would be impossible to get out of but i did Using my life cards to guide my life has helped me tremendously in many ways unimaginable or unsought of to most non believers.

My cards and clairvoyance has shown me many bad relationships, fake friends, has stopped thieves from carrying out their plans and has always led me to victory but navigating me through my hardships. Because of the warnings that I've gotten in the past to keep a watchful eye out or just to stay away and stop all association with those kind of people all together. I have been able to stay very safe & highly knowledgeable about my surroundings.

On the other hand my life cards have also shown me my true calling and actually showed me earlier in life things I was doing wrong and to get back on the right paths to my success. Which was not an easy thing to do at first because I couldn't understand my visions as a child just by themselves.

I can tell you it is much easier through my life cards to help me handle life as it is going at things blind and being sad and frustrated all the time. Seeing as how your a totally more normal than I and don't get visions, your mind would be in fact totally blinder than I.

Which is OK but not the greatest unless you have a very trustworthy & honest Tarot clairvoyant Advisor to help really guide you like I can.
I follow my readings and depict who and what they mean in my life, The cards never lie, they are to be understood and thought out carefully by people and what they are going through and who they are dealing with in order to be guided properly one must listen very carefully.

The answers are always revealed, my tarot advisory has helped me & many others who have struggled with their guidance and for those who still struggle with factual knowledge about their lives and need to know which paths to take and what to watch out for.

I come to you in the form not only as your spiritual advisor but as a true and honest friend who has no problem telling you the truth. I am very serious about the information I give, and I am very straight forward on how I deliver it. I am very honest, and DO NOT SUGAR COAT, is why many people put their trust in my advisory.

All I ask for is your patience, kindness and cooperation as I assist and advise you with not only helpful but vital information that you will always need. With me your time is never wasted as I give you 100% Accuracy & detailed information on all questions you would like answered to whatever you ask me without wonder if it matches up to your life or better yet if its true.

If your the kind of person that is so sick of being mislead and lied to by people who literally hold no real answers for you, no real value for you and cannot in fact benefit your life as you had hoped for than I would in fact be the person to search for.

Not all tarot readers and psychics are fake just the ones that do hit or miss readings (guessing) asking too much information on your life and not telling you enough about what's really going on it, and the ones that you have probably experienced before holding absolutely no correct answers to your situation. Those are the people that are not real and leave a very bad taste in your mouth, discouraging you from someone who is very much real and would love to help guide you the right way with absolutely (NO LIES INCLUDED).

Get the absolute truth today and be guided the right way by me Tru readings, not because I said so but because God wants me to help you. If you have any questions please contact me, I have the most accurate answers that you will ever need.

Love Ya all, Talk to you soon and thanks for stopping by to read about how I can truly help out in your life if you allow me to do so, I can be a tremendous helping guide to your life as well.

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