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i promise to share this Testimony

Posted: 14 Hours Ago

God has bless me with three kids and a loving husband, i promise to share this Testimony because of God favor in my life, 4 months ago i was in desperate need ....

GODYSSEY - A Young Man's Proof of God's Existence

Posted: Thu, Sep 11 2014

A KALEIDOSCOPIC, GYROSCOPIC, BREATHTAKING, BREAKTHROUGH BOOK First Published Online: September 11, 2001, 8:17 am EDT, - one half-hour prior to the World Tra....

The Virtual Psychic Fair

Posted: 2 Days Ago

What does 2017 hold for you? Find out now at The Virtual Psychic Fair. This special event is an online psychic event that you attend from the comfort of your o....

Step Into Magic Weekly On Line Radio Show with Josephine Lain...

Posted: Wed, May 22 2013

Turning the Boat Around. Healing from injury, illness and disease. January 12th, 2017 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time 8PM CT | 9PM ET To listen to this show....

World Class WIN ~ The Wisdom and Intuition Network

Posted: Thu, Apr 02 2015

WIN is a community of professional intuitives joining together in the spirit of cooperation and generosity. Together we offer complimentary classes, mini readi....

Powerful Distant Healing for anything

Posted: 7 Days Ago

This healing is more powerful than Reiki, it is Instant and you will feel it right after its session. if you are looking for wellbeing energy, or really help r....

Learn to Speak with the Animals

Posted: Mon, Jun 16 2014

LAGUNA HILLS, CA - AWAKENINGS Center for Conscious Living Awakenings Center Laguna Hills, CA Saturday, February 4, 2017  4 - 6pm Sunday, April 2....

Frances W. Greenspan, Animal Communicator

Posted: Tue, Jun 17 2014

The ability to communicate with animals is not a rare gift, but a skill we all possess. Frances Greenspan shares the art of interpreting the language of animal....

Wisdom of Warrior Priestess Volume V

Posted: Wed, Jul 03 2013

In the continuing series of Warrior Priestess Wisdom ebooks, Volume V is one of my favorites. I specially selected the articles from my enewsletter, The Journa....

Wisdom of Warrior Priestess Volume VI

Posted: Fri, Oct 09 2015

The latest in the Wisdom from Warrior Priestess series, this selection of the best articles from my newsletter, The Journal of Spirited Coaching, includes some....

Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation CD

Posted: Tue, Mar 05 2013

NOW on! After eons of being disconnected from the spiritual portion of your DNA, you can once again experience being your Divine Self. Step up to th....

Omnidimensional Oracles

Posted: Tue, Feb 09 2016

Symbols are greater than what you currently deem them to be and are powerful beyond your current understanding of them. Simple in form yet powerful in use, the....

Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy

Posted: Sat, Oct 17 2015

TUSTIN, CA I am a certified Hypnotherapist and have transformed my skills to better assist those people who truly want to make positive changes in their liv....

Magical Mystical Class 2

Posted: Tue, Aug 06 2013

This second class in the Magical Mystical series of online classes focuses on spiritual communication. You'll learn the many ways in which you're constantly gi....

Manifesting Through the Chakras CD

Posted: Sat, Apr 13 2013

Now you can enjoy a relaxing guided meditation while you effortlessly make your entire body a manifesting magnet! You may already know that Chakras are vort....

Akashic Wisdom Retrieval

Posted: Tue, Mar 19 2013

The highest degree of wisdom is stored in the DNA that resides within each of your chakras - your Akashic Record. We humans are known throughout the universe a....

Create BIG and FAST in 2017

Posted: 26 Days Ago

Wednesday, December 28th at 6 pm Create BIG and FAST in 2017 FREE Class Ready to manifest big in the new year? This is an introduction to a magical c....

The Energy of Love

Posted: Wed, Oct 23 2013

The Energy of Love is a new energy that has been coming onto our planet only in recent years... and it's not what you think. Not to be confused with the emo....

Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Re-encoding mp3 Download

Posted: Sat, Oct 05 2013

There are propensitities for specific diseases that lie dormant within your body... until they're triggered to activate. These propensities are encoded within ....

Perceptive Awareness Technique Inc.

Posted: Wed, Dec 14 2016

The answers are within you. Perceptive Awareness Training is the key that unlocks the door, lifts the veil, the roadblocks, the insecurities that keep us from ....

Fulll Moon Magic

Posted: Mon, Jul 07 2014

Step into the transformational fire to burn away what is no longer serving you! During this call I share a couple of healing processes and lead you through the....

Winter Solstice Peace Meditation

Posted: Sat, Oct 24 2015

Winter Solstice Peace Meditation My gift to you this holiday season. May the joy of peace fill your heart, body and mind as we prepare to shift even more,....

Relinquish ReAlign & Receive - Audio Workshop

Posted: Thu, Mar 07 2013

Relinquish ~ Re-Align & Receive! (YOUR Hearts Desire) During these two – two hour class we will dive deeper into releasing the energies that are holding you ....

Relinquish Limitation & Distractions

Posted: Thu, Mar 07 2013

Relinquish the energies of Limitation & Distraction Clearing limitation and distraction from multiple area’s of your life! Journey through the Chakra’s ....

Relinquish Deprivation mp3 audio class

Posted: Thu, Mar 07 2013

Relinquish Deprivation Could this low down energy be behind what is holding you back? I say YES! Did you enjoy Relinquishing the energy of Failure? If y....

Relinquish Struggle 60 Class mp3 audio

Posted: Thu, Mar 07 2013

Are you ready to discover what is holding you back in life, business, relationships? Are you struggling in life to take the next step? Life Weighing yo....

Ritual to Release Anger, Resentment & Rage

Posted: Mon, Feb 22 2016

This ritual can help shift your life in ways you cannot even imagine. The burden we carry when we hang onto old negative energies, truly weighs us down. Holdi....

Unique Jewelry for YOUR Journey

Posted: Thu, Jun 26 2014

Master Energy Healer and Artist DaKara Kies creates magical, vibrationally charged pieces that support your path and journey. Many one of a kind pieces as well....

Feng Shui Mind Intro Call

Posted: Thu, Mar 28 2013

Feng Shui for the Mind… What subconscious clutter is holding you back? During the call you are guided through 3 powerful healing processes: 1. Do you ha....

Feng Shui Mind Telecourse

Posted: Thu, Mar 07 2013

Moving You into the flow of Your life! What’s holding you back? Have you tried ‘curing’ your space and nothing seems to hold or shift for the long term? ....

Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo

Posted: Sat, Mar 29 2014

Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo! Being Weird is the new NORMAL inner weirdo Discover the parts of yourself that hold judgments to what you believe, who you think you....

The Way Out!

Posted: Fri, Oct 10 2014

The day-to-day grind can indeed grind us all down and chances are you are probably frustrated because you know you were destined to live a different kind of li....

The Doorway

Posted: Mon, May 05 2014

Are YOU finally ready to Awaken and Discover what you were put on this planet to do? Here is The Doorway: