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GODYSSEY - A Young Man's Proof of God's Existence

Posted: Thu, Sep 11 2014

A KALEIDOSCOPIC, GYROSCOPIC, BREATHTAKING, BREAKTHROUGH BOOK First Published Online: September 11, 2001, 8:17 am EDT, - one half-hour prior to the World Tra....

COMMUNITIES MAGAZINE Life in Cooperative Culture

Posted: Wed, Oct 24 2012

Since 1972, the primary resource for information, issues, and ideas about intentional communities in North America - from urban co-ops to cohousing groups to e....


Posted: Mon, Oct 01 2012

Woolman Hill is a retreat, conference, and education center, offering a range of programs on topics of spiritual reflection and social renewal. Woolman Hill is....

THE HOMECOMING An Intimate Gathering with Neale Donald Walsch ...

Posted: Mon, Aug 12 2013

The Homecoming offers "Conversations with God" author Walsch a chance to sit down with people in a way that is unlike any other, in his home in Ashland, OR. ....

Retreats at Pacha Mama in Costa Rica

Posted: Fri, Jan 30 2015

PachaMama is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle. It's a place to dive into a transformative spiritual voyage, rejuvenate the body, connect with nature and ce....

May Peace Prevail On Earth News The World Peace Prayer Society...

Posted: Fri, Oct 30 2015

The Universal Message and Prayer, May Peace Prevail On Earth, was conceived in a moment of great inspiration by Masahisa Goi of Japan. Since its birth over hal....

Bringing the Seeds of Justice to Monsanto at the International...

Posted: Mon, Dec 07 2015

Monsanto will finally get its day in court. And it won’t be pretty. Organic Consumers Assoc., along with IFOAM International Organics, Navdanya, Regeneratio....

WITCHCAMP Spiritual Intensives w Teachers in the Reclaiming Tr...

Posted: Fri, Mar 04 2016

Join us and study magic and ritual in a multiday intensive that includes trancework, healing, drumming, dancing, chanting, storytelling, guided visualization a....

Learn to Speak with the Animals

Posted: Mon, Jun 16 2014

LAGUNA HILLS, CA - AWAKENINGS Center for Conscious Living Saturday, February 4, 2017 4pm - 6pm This class is open to anyone wanting to learn about anima....

Frances W. Greenspan, Animal Communicator

Posted: Tue, Jun 17 2014

The ability to communicate with animals is not a rare gift, but a skill we all possess. Frances Greenspan shares the art of interpreting the language of animal....

Energetic Homeopathy™

Posted: 23 Days Ago

Traditional Homeopathy is for your Body. Energetic Homeopathy™ is for your Life. Energetic Homeopathy™ is unlike anything you've ever tried before. Ch....

Step Into Magic Weekly On Line Radio Show with Josephine Lain...

Posted: Wed, May 22 2013

The Power of Our Thoughts and Beliefs October 20th, 2016 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time 8PM CT | 9PM ET To listen to this show anytime, click on the following....

World Class WIN ~ The Wisdom and Intuition Network

Posted: Thu, Apr 02 2015

WIN is a community of professional intuitives joining together in the spirit of cooperation and generosity. Together we offer complimentary classes, mini readi....

The Path of the Spiritual Sun

Posted: 4 Days Ago

Exploring the mysteries of the Ancient Religion of the Sun. From Stonehenge to the Great Sphinx of Egypt, journey through the ancient cultures and megalithi....

The Jewish Week - Connecting the World to Jewish News, Culture...

Posted: Sun, Jan 04 2015

Jewish News, Culture and Opinion . . . Arts, Editorials, Employment, Classifieds, Features, Calendar, Food and Wine, Blogs.

The Path of The Pearl

Posted: Wed, Apr 06 2016

The Path of The Pearl does not replace your current “Path” ~ Think of it as a powerful tool to aid you on your own, personal Journey. Written by the found....

Breakthrough to Brilliance with Divinely Guided Success

Posted: Fri, Mar 22 2013

Get Intuitively Connected to Your Soul and God's Guidance to Eliminate Struggle and Limitation and Create Accelerated Healing, Freedom and Success. Are you ....

Divine Niche Breakthrough to Brilliance on-line Home Study Pro...

Posted: Mon, Dec 15 2014

If you’re a Transformational Coach, Teacher or Healer Ready to Step Into Your Power and Shine… Get Started now to be guided step-by-step how to attract ....

Divinely Guided Success: Discover The Missing Piece To Reveal ...

Posted: Sun, Sep 21 2014

Discover how all the pieces of your life come together to make sense with the lessons and insights Leah received from God, and her spirit guides in her best se....

The Way Out!

Posted: Fri, Oct 10 2014

The day-to-day grind can indeed grind us all down and chances are you are probably frustrated because you know you were destined to live a different kind of li....

The Doorway

Posted: Mon, May 05 2014

Are YOU finally ready to Awaken and Discover what you were put on this planet to do? Here is The Doorway:

Is Success a Spiritual Matter?

Posted: Thu, Nov 06 2014

Success a Spiritual Matter was the first-of-it's-kind info-product to bridge the concept of achieving great success using simple spiritual principles. Created ....

Discover Your Higher Purpose

Posted: Mon, Jun 20 2016

If You've Always Felt You Were Put On Earth for a Higher Purpose but Have No Idea What That IS then this FREE Video Series is for You!

Happiness for the price of a Latte?

Posted: Mon, Aug 01 2016

If you would like to experience more happiness - not to mention more fulfilment and meaning - in your life, I'd LOVE for you to check out a short eBook I've wr....

The Lost Years Of Jesus & Secret Schools Of Initiation featuri...

Posted: 8 Days Ago

The Lost Years Of Jesus & Secret Schools Of Initiation WEBINAR featuring Tricia McCannon In the last one hundred years, since the discovery of the Nag Ha....

Return Of The Divine Feminine | 2 Day Online Conference

Posted: 8 Days Ago

Join us as we delve into the awareness and energy of the divine feminine that exist within all of us. This energy is now returning to the planet bringing forth....

Dr. Steven Greer presents | The Cosmic False Flag Livestream

Posted: 8 Days Ago

Dr. Steven Greer presents | The Cosmic False Flag LIVESTREAM In the most shocking and important seminar you will ever hear on the UFO/ ET subject, Dr. Steve....

Michael Tellinger: Free Energy, Breakthrough Technology & Anci...

Posted: 8 Days Ago

Michael Tellinger: author, scientist, explorer, has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at....

An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose

Posted: 10 Days Ago

You were born into this world with a purpose. You have important work to do - work that only you can do - in order to be of the greatest good and highest se....

Akashic Wisdom Retrieval

Posted: Tue, Mar 19 2013

The highest degree of wisdom is stored in the DNA that resides within each of your chakras - your Akashic Record. We humans are known throughout the universe a....

Getting In the Swing with Pendulums

Posted: Thu, Apr 11 2013

A pendulum is one of many divination tools used to obtain answers and Higher Wisdom regarding life issues. These tools are also known as oracles, Although o....

Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation Instant Download

Posted: Fri, May 10 2013

It's time. The energy on the planet is calling for us all to raise our vibration. It's time. After eons of being disconnected from the spiritual portion of ....

Omnidimensional Oracles

Posted: Tue, Feb 09 2016

Symbols are greater than what you currently deem them to be and are powerful beyond your current understanding of them. Simple in form yet powerful in use, the....